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Many international groups have started a Lean Management program or are preparing to start.

Management, through the Lean Strategic Director and the Lean Project Manager, has key responsibility for the definition of the strategic lean standard and for its roll-out over many sites and countries. Companies with lean experience know that the methods of lean production to achieve world-class performance are simple to understand but difficult to organize and even more difficult to sustain.

Practical lean implementation expertise (shopfloor, “Gemba”) is among the most important factors to bring on-board before starting a lean initiative. The responsible lean organization and its management members must be qualified in how to implement lean as a sustainable success. Different sites speak different, heterogeneous “lean languages”. Hence, the standardized design of lean production systems is crucial for success!

Management must take the lead in being qualified in the key criteria for success and in using lean standards. Only then will it be able to show evidence that it is willing and well-prepared to start and lead the change towards lean excellence.

As Lean Institute (R), we offer lean and supply chan managemet consultancy services; this includes:

  • Roll-Out of lean programs for intenational subsidiaries, intrnational plants
  • Lean Thinking
  • Lean Management Consulting
  • Managment Coaching towards Lean Leadership
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Production
  • Lean Administration
  • Organizational development
  • Middle maagement development

Organized elimination of all types of waste is a key lever of lean. You do not become lean by simply reducing headcount. Waste elimination is an efficient method to implement a company’s vision to be a key player in the business. The elimination of waste in manufacturing and business processes has to be organized through a systems approach.

Our competencies include the different lean improvement tools (lean methods) and the structural elements of an integrated production system. Employees and teams (effective work groups) as the ‘operating system’ are the backbone for the lean production system. Here, we apply target-group specific consultancy and training.

Best practices from many lean implementations are available. And the result?

Significantly improved productivity and increased added value, which is sustainable.  


Consultancy procedure

Our generic consultancy procedure

  1. Define the customer goals and objectives; define the project team
  2. Analyze the problem using data analyses
  3. Diagnose the countermeasures and establish teamwork with customer
  4. Define master plan, implementation plan
  5. Check and review the results using defined KPIs and ensure sustainability using review, support, and recognition routines

Specific Lean System Consultancy

This approach successfully delivers your business targets :

  1. Management -- define strategy (Lean Excellence)
  2. Analyse potentials and strategic focus (value drivers)
  3. Organize change (Change management)
  4. Define (specify) approach and conversion into the  Lead/pilot (Lean Production) processes followed by Lean Administration.
  5. Roll-out and project management 
  6. Measure strategic success and optimise (system review and benchmark)
  7. Build on the essential foundation :  target-specific training (Lean Training) at all organizational levels

All 7 key steps lead to a so-called lean system, following the Toyota Production System (TPS) model.


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European Lean and Supply Chain Consultancy

Our Unique Value for your sustainable success:

  • International, standardized Lean Programmes
  • European Supply Chain Optimization Expertise
  • International Project Management
  • Native speaking trainers for France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany
  • BioScience / Pharmaceutical, Aeronautical, Food&Beverage,…      

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